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Year 2013 Orchard

Changde Wu    2015-02-21

Overall, my 2013 orchard is quite satisfactory. I can see more flowers from a cherry tree that I planted about 6-7 years ago, and I can harvest some cherry fruit. Two plum trees bear plums so much that became a burden for consumption. Asian pears are also promising of good harvest. Peaches in yellow peach tree bend branches and are becoming reddish, I can enjoy them in a few days. Apricot tree bloomed well, but only a few of apricots survived in the tree. I only have about 20 to taste. Two apple trees are very disappointing, not only the bloomed very little, but also left none for me to eat.

Peach Tree Blossom
Photo 1 Pinkish peach blossom.
Cherry Blossom
Photo 2 After several years of growth, cherry tree finally blooms relatively dense.
Pear Blossom
Photo 3 Pear blossom
Pear in Pre-Blossom
Photo 4 Pear blossom bud
Peach Blossom in Plum Tree
Photo 5 The blossom of flat peach grafted on a plum tree, the plum blossom in the background already withered
Two flowers in one cherry tree
Photo 6 Pinkish and white cherry blossom in the same cherry tree due to graft
Pink Cherry Blossom
Photo 7 Close look at pinkish cherry blossom, which doesn't yield cherry
Pink Cherry Blossom
Photo 8 Pinkish cherry blossom from a grafted branch in another cherry tree
Photo 9 Cherries almost ripe
Photo 10 sparse apricots hanging on the tree
Apricot close look
Photo 11 Close look at apricot
plum fruit
Photo 12 Purple plums almost break branches
grape trees and grapes
Photo 13 Three variety of grapes(Concord, Niagra, seedless grapes) bear well
grape close look
Photo 14 A close loot at grape
Photo 15 Yellow peaches in the tree
Asian Pears
Photo 16 After graft, wild pear tree now host several brothers, two kinds of Asian pear, one European Pear and one flowering pear.
Asian Pear
Photo 17 A close look at pears in another Asian pear tree
Black Berry
Photo 18 Blackberry changes color from green to red, some of them become purple.

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