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China Trip 2014 - (0) China Yunan Travel Introduction

Changde Wu    2016-01-11

During my home visiting of year 2014, I quicked toured the southwest province Yunnan. This is an overview of this 7 days travel.

Travel summary
Date Itinerary Stay
04/09 Meet friend, visit tyhe old town of Huanglongxi in Shuangliu County, Sichuan Prov. Chengdu
04/10 Tour old town of Jiezi Kunming
04/11 Visit Shone Forrest (Shilin), Yunnan Train from Kunming-Lijiang
04/12 Lashihai, Yulong Peak, old town of Suhe, old town of Lijiang Lijiang
04/13 The first turn of Yangtze River,Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge,Shangrila Shangrila
04/14 Gadan Songzanlin Temple, The first turn of Jinsha River Feilaisi, Qinde County
04/15 Meili Peak Shangrila
04/16 Old town of Lijiang Train from Lijiang-Kunming
04/17 West Mout of Dianche, Kunming Kunming

P1 Colo Flowers in my home town Nanzheng, Shaanxi Prov.
P2 The old town of Huanglongxi, Shuangliu County, Sichuan Prov.
P3 The old town of Jiezi, Chongqing County, Sichuan Prov.
P4 The Ashima Incarnation of Stone Forrest, Kunming, Yunnan Prov.
P5 Lashihai National Wetland, a real joke for tourists
P6 Yulong Peak
P7 Overview of old city of Lijiang
P8 The first turn of Yangtze River
P9 Tiger Leaping Gorge
P10 The villages along the road to Shangrila
P11 The morning of Shangrila
P12 Moon shaped turn of Jinsha River
P13 Meili Peak viewed from Feilaisi
P14 Mingyong Glacier under Meili Peak
P15 The Dianchi below, Kunming in distant from west mountain
P16 The trail in the miidle of cliff, Kunming, Yunnan Prov.
P17 Back to Beijing, Shishahai, a familar place for me
P18 Night food market of Donghuanmen, a place of memory

2014 Canola Flower in Hanzhong, Shanxi China
China Trip 2014 - (1) Huanglongxi