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Yunnan Trip 2014 - (1) Kunming

Changde Wu    2016-01-11

My Yunnan trip of 2014 both started and ended at Kunming, a city forever Spring seacon. The total stay of 2 days and 2 nights gave me time to visit some points of interests. The highlights are Stoen Forrest (Shilin) and the Western Mount of Dianchi. The overall impression of Kunming is really positive.

P1 Passenger Train Station, blood shed caused by Xinjiang minority just a few months before.
P2 The skyline of Kunming viewed from Dianchi
P3 The the side of Dianchi Lake
P4 The cliff of on western mountain
P5 The foot hill of the western mountain
P6 Inside the western mountain park
P7 The passage in the middle cliff
P8 Buddha statues on the cliff
P9 The entrance of tunnel
P10 Kunming City viewed from far above
P11 Inside Yunnan Folkways Village
P12 The Imnternational Trade building
P13 Outside of The Imnternational Trade building
P14 Gemstone Exhibition hall inside the Imnternational Trade building
P15 A tea house of Puer tea
P16 Flower Exhibition

China Trip 2014 - (2) Jiezi
Yunnan Trip 2014 - (2) Stone Forrest