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Yunnan Trip 2014 - (3) Lijiang

Changde Wu    2016-01-11

The old city of Lijiang

P1 The big sign of the old city of Lijiang
P2 The waterwheel at the entrance of Lijiang
P3 Panorama of the cold Lijiang city from high land
P6 A street in the old city
P7 Look at Yulong Peak from the old city
P8 The street filled with bars
P9 Another entrance to the old city
P10 Street full of red lanterns
P11 The street and the dry ditch
P12 A street within the old city
P13 Early night at the old city
P14 The bar street at night
P15 The bar street at night 2
P16 The waterwheel at night

The old town of Suhe

P17 The Gate of old town of Suhe
P18 Inside the old town of Suhe
P19 The streets in the old town of Suhe

Lishihai Lake

P20 The list price of tourist activities
P21 The Lashuhai Lake, don't be deceived by the National Wetland title, muddy water, no trace of birds
P23 The root of stream
P24 The thrash outside a village restaurant
P25 The morning at water source

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