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Summary of My Travel 2017 Travel

Changde Wu    2018-01-18

I had tree multiple days trips during year of 2017, the Beijing trip in May, Northernwest US coast area tour during late June and early July, and the Florida trip in the end of the year. My Beijing travel was more for the renion on the 30th years anniversary of Graduation from Graduate programs, an event I encouraged and promised to come. During this short visit, I have revisted some places that I had frequently visited before while I was sdudying and working in Bejing. I also vitnessed a dramatic weather change, from dusty sky the day I arrived to clear skies the next day. I was appalled by the luck of seeing sunsetting and clouds from the top of Jingshan. I was really enjoining the short days in Beijing.

The NW trip took lttile over two weeks time, started from Salt Lake City, toured the inland of Idaho, Oregon, then headed southward along the Paciffic coast from Washington, Oregon, Northern California, returned to Salt Lake City by traversing the Basin and Range province. This is a trip with rich stunning scenaries, geology and wildlife.

The Florida trip was not on scenary, rather a focus on the family fun, warm sunny days and wildlife.

Other short trips include the Middle Creek, PA trip for snoy goose in middle February, camping in Acadia National Park in the end of May, and Maryland Dam trip for bald eagles in middle November. One of the places I frequently visited this year the the costal zone from Plum Island, MA in the south to Rye Harbor, NH in the north, around one hour travel from my home.

This article is a fast playback of the representative site of the year. If you have further interest on my NW trip, please enter If you are interested in the story about the bird watching in Middle Creek, please enter for detailed stories.

P1 Sunrise in Middle Creek, PA
P2 The night of Beijing, from Jingshan
P3 Cadillac mountain, Acadia National Park, Maine
P4 Painted Hills, Oregon
P4 Mt. St Helens, Washington
P5 Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington
P6 Bordman State Scenic Corridor, Brookings, Oregon
P8 Natural Bridges in Lava Beds National Monument, California
P9 Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
P10 Sunset in Great Basin, Utah
P11 Great Salt Lake, Utah
P12 Beacon, Maine
P13 Sun Flowers, Massachusetts
P14 The evening at Jenny Farm, Vermont
P15 The Sunset at Plum Island, Massachusetts

Year 2018 Travel Summary