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Niagra Falls - Night Scenery

Changde Wu    2014-05-04

This was the photos took during the 2010 Columbus Day visit.

Rainbow Bridge in the Dusk
P1 The American Falls and the Rainbow Bridge under the dusk
Rapids in the night
P2 The river above the Falls in the night
Canadian Niagra Buildings under night
P3 The Niagra Falls, Canada
Horseshoe Fall under the night
P4 The Horseshoe Falls in US side
Panaroma View of the fall
P5 The American Falls
Falls and Misty
P6 The Falls and Mist under the night
Luna Island
P7 The Goat Island and Falls
Niagra Falls under the night
P8 The Falls viewed from US side toward Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow bridge and Falls
P9 The Niagara River and the Canadian Side
Canadian Niagra
P10 The American Falls in fore ground, the Niagara Falls Canada in background
Canadian Niagra under color light
P11 The colorful lights from the Canada side
Falls and People
P12 The visitors in the night
Braid's Veil Fall viewed from Canada
P13 The night of American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls viewed from Canada side

Niagra Falls - Canada
NiagraFalls 2015 - The world of snow and Ice