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Rock City and Ruby Falls

Changde Wu    2019-05-05

Lookout Mountain is a NE trending mountain that strides across Tennessee and Georgia. Ruby Falls and Caverns are in the northern end in the state of Tennessee while the Rock City locates in the Southern end in Georgia. Neverthless, both are managed by the same institution. Both of these sites attract a huge crowd while the Ruby Falls is more crowded with a long waiting time for entring the cavern.

(1) Rock City

Rock City is highlighted by lookouts that on the top of the cliff that stands above the adjacent plain. The view is amazing that on a cler day that one can overviws 7 states from here. There is waterfall just in the foot of the main view point make this location more attractive. Others things are narrow passages, the cave for showcasing the fairy tales .

P1 One of the narrow passages
P2 Another narrow passage
P3 One lookout
P4 Lookout and the plain below it
P5 The cliff beneath the lookout
P6 The waterfall beneath the lookout
P7 fairy tales cartoons in a cavern

(2) Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls is a natural wonder in that is is in the underground at the end of the cavern. It is 145 foot (44 m) high. By the way, the name Ruby has nothing to do with any gemestone, it is merely a woman's first name. The cavern itself is not that impressive compared with those in Virginia. The cavern is developed in a vertical crack, and very narrow. So, each tour group must stay in a wider place to wait other group to pass. When reaches to the end of the cavern, one can hear the roaring of the falls. While a short piece of music is being played, the falls is lightened up by colorful lights. As soon as the music ends, the fall returns to dark, and every one in a group must leave and the next group will show up.

P8 Stalagmites in the Ruby Falls cavern
P9 Draperies in the cavern
P10 Draperies in the cavern
P11 "Niagrara Falls" in the cavern
P12 Ruby Falls
P13 Ruby Falls
P14 Ruby Falls
P15 Ruby Falls
P16 Ruby Falls

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