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West Trip 2011 - Overview

Changde Wu    2020-03-15

This is the expanded family travel in year 2011. This was a fast moving scenic tour across many states, but mostly Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

(1) Travel Itinerary

     Date      Itinerary Place for Night
08/25 Th 11:45 PM Arrive Denver CO, Pick up rental car with last shuttle bus Denver, CO
08/26 F Colorado State Capitol, Air Force Academy
Great Sand Dunes National Park
South Fork,CO
08/27 Sa Mesa Verde National Park Mexico Hat, UT
08/28 Su Monument Valley, Mexico Hat, Utah Goosnecks State Park, Muley Point Overlook
Natural Bridge National Monument
Canyonlands National Park (Needles part)
Moab, UT
08/29 M Arches National Park
Canyonlands National Park(Island in the Sky)
Orem, UTah
08/30 Tu Utah Lake State Park, Utah State Capital, Temple Square
Antelope Island State Park
Logan, Utah
08/31 W Grand Teton National Park
Yellow Stone National Park SW portion
Grant Village, Wy
09/01 Th Yellow Stone National Park(Old Faith, Norris)
Grant Village, Wy
09/02 F Yellow Stone National Park
Bear Tooth Mountain Highway, Cody MT
Sheridan, Wy
09/03 Sa Devils Tower
Mount Rushmore National Monument
Rapid City, SD
09/04 Su Badlands National Park Fort Collins, CO
09/05 M Rocky Mountain National Park Airplane

(2) Photos of daily highlight

Travel photos are listed in chronological order.

P1 US Air Force Adedemy, Colorado Springs
P2 Great Sand Dunes National Park
P3 The Country Side of Colorado
P4 The valley at the western foothill of Continent Divide on Colorado Rt. 160
P5 Overview of the Chimney Rock
P6 Mesa Verde National Park
P7 Another Chimney Rock around Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park Visitor Center
P8 Monument Valley
P9 Mexico Hat
P10 Utah Goosnecks State Park
P11 View from Moki Dugway Lookout
P12 Natural Bridge National Monument
P13 Canyonlands National Park (Needles part)
P14 Arches National Park
P15 Mesa Arch at Canyonlands National Park
P16 Stormy Sky at Canyonlands National Park
P17 Utah Lake State Park, Provo, UT
P18 Temple Square, Salt Lake City
P19 Antelope Island State Park, Utah
P20 The evening of Antelope Island State Park
P21 Grand Teton National Park
P22 Jackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park
P23 The early night at old faithful geyser, Yellow Stone National Park
P24 Yellow Stone National Park
P25 Sunset at Norris Geyser Basin, Yellow Stone National Park
P26 Hot spring in the Lake, West Thumb, Yellow Stone National Park
P27 Morning at West Thumb, Yellow Stone National Park
P28 Great Gray Owl, the first owl saw ever in my life
P29 Yellow Stone Falls
P30 The top of Bear Tooth Mountain Highway
P31 Devils's Tower
P32 Mountain Rushmore, SD
P33 Badlands National Park
P34 Rocky Mountain National Park
P35 Shadow Mountain Lake to the South of Rocky Mountain National Park

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