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Wildlife Photography of Year 2018 Summary

Changde Wu    2019-01-12

Year 2018 is the greatest year of my wildlife photography. The first half year before I headed out with family for summer vocation was nearly none-stopping, the other half was simply quiet. The enjoyment is largely on birds.

Part 1: Birds

This was a break year for snowy owls, many of them did not leave for north by the end of April athough still some of them staying locally during the whole summer. The snowy owl season was seamlessly followed by a clue of a pair of barred owls nearby. This turned out to be another climax of my bird photography followed the discovery of two owlets in the hollow of a tree. I was fortunate enough since the nest is not far away from my daily commuter route so I could arrange an early morning and late evening visits most of the days. At the same of the late phase of snowy owl photography, I also followed a family of nesting bald eagles with one chick. When the owlets left their nest in early summerm, I got the news of a peregrine falcon family in the same town of the Barred owl family. I spent the rest of times to closely follow couple and four chicks until all the chicks fledged. I joined other photographers under the cliff and then participated the peregrine photo exhibition and auction for fund raising activity. In the same of period of peregrine falcons photography, I was also fortunate photographying a family of American Kestrel and Merlin. I have photoed more warblers, herons and ospreys this year. However, I have to admit the trip on the Memorial Sunday to Maine for Osprey capturing fishes was a bit disappointed.

P1 Snowy Owl flying, NH
P2 Snowy Owl, Massechusetts
P3 Red-tailed hawk eating a cuaght mouse, Massechusetts
P4 Red-tailed flying overhead, Massechusetts
P5 Osprey with a bleeding fish. Maine
P6 Boltimore Oriole
P7 Swan family with 7 chicks, only 2 remained from my last sight
P8 Parent Barred Owl with chicks in the tree hollow
P9 Fledged young owl
P10 The bald eagle chick was fed by one parent
P11 Black capped night heron got a fish
P12 Peregrine falcon parent feeding chicks
P13 Peregrine falcon parent carried a prey
P14 American Kestrel
P15 An mature Merlin
P16 Juvenile Merlin
P17 Tow Juvenile Merlins
P18 Purple Martin
P19 Piping plover chick
P20 Adult tern and chicks
P21 Tern chicks fighting for food

Part 2: Animals

As for animal photography, It is my first time to see coyote and captured them with my camera. I encounterred bears several times in the land and have fun capturing them. Although I saw them many times, I never caught a good photo since they were swimming in the water and very sneaky to capture it even in the water.

P22 Beaver
P23 Muskrat
P24 Groundhog
P25 Rancoon in the tree
P26 Baby black bear on the road side, photoed with 24-70 mm lens, Great Smokey Mountain National Park
P27 Cayote, photoed with 24-70 mm lens, Great Smokey Mountain National Park

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